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Funny Face’s Baby Mama Vanessa Drops Another Bombshell

Funny Face’s Baby Mama Vanessa Drops Another Bombshell

Funny Face’s baby mama, Vanessa, has come out to share a horrible information.

Ex-wife of the comedian has publicly revealed in a new video circulating on social media that she met her new husband when she was pregnant and going for antenatal care.

Vanessa, in an interview with Papa Kumasi on Rtv’s show dubbed ‘Anigyie Fie’ stated that she was always having a conversation with her newly married husband when she was pregnant for 8months and by then she had nothing to do with the comedian. She again revealed that after returning from Accra to Kumasi was when she met her newly happily married husband.

We all know how Funny Face use to descend on his baby mama and even called her a pr0stitʋte and that any woman like her will fuck guys up.

The award-winning actor went ahead to advise young men to be very careful in choosing a mate, stressing that his baby mama, Vanessa, is a bad woman that any man should avoid.

Using himself as an example, Funny Face says no man should go in for a woman like his baby mama Vanessa who is at the centre of his predicament.

One may ask, is it normal to be pregnant for 8months and date or fall in love with another man?.


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