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World Cup: M.anifest featured on a song dedicated to African fans

World Cup: M.anifest featured on a song dedicated to African fans

One of Ghana's hip-pop artists, Kwame Ametepee Tsikata who is known in the creative arts industry as M.anifest has been featured on “On Y Est” (We Made It), a song dedicated to fans of the African nations in the ongoing world cup in Qatar.

“On Y Est” (We Made It) was produced by former international French footballer and ex-PSG striker Guillaume Hoarau and Mathéo Techer.

The music video which was shot in different countries in Africa was directed by a nephew of PSG founder Francis Borrelli called Guillaume Borrelli.

M.anifest joined a list of top artists in Africa. These artists are Shingai (Zimbabwe), Samuel Makanzi (Rwanda/Congo DRC), and Bass Thioung (Senegal).

They are to perform the song in regional languages that are English and French.

"We wanted to bring various profiles of artists, and languages together in one song project in order to invite everyone - wherever the location - to support the African nations representing the African continent.” Guillaume Hoarau says.

“On Y Est” (We Made It) was released by New World TV, after attaining the exclusive license to distribute the FIFA World Cup 2022 competition to 41 Sub-Saharan African countries.

“The song and its video are dedicated to those who feel inspired by Africa and wish to support our qualified African teams.''

''This shows once again our commitment to make this premium tournament a celebration in the continent, reach the Diaspora and beyond.” Nimonka Kolani, Managing Director of New World Sport said.

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