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Black Sherif is a gifted artist who is not scared to follow his destiny - M.anifest

Black Sherif is a gifted artist who is not scared to follow his destiny - M.anifest

One of Ghana's hip-pop stars, M.anifest who is also known as GodMC has shared his thoughts on how he sees the Ghanaian music industry prospering. 

According to the rapper, the Ghanaian music industry is slowly producing energetic, talented, and internationally recognized musicians.

 And five years to come a lot of Ghanaian music acts will make waves globally.

Speaking in an interview with Pulse Ghana, the rapper insisted Black Sherif is one of Ghana’s most promising acts who will lift up Ghana's flag high.

"Black Sherif is a gifted artist who is not scared to follow his destiny."

"Blacko is someone who has always been himself and does not shy away from that which oscillates most youth."

Black Sherif’s music is filled with a lot of energy and passion and this has caused many to pay attention to his craft.

Recently, Senegalese-American singer, record producer, and entrepreneur, Aliaune Damala Badara Akon Thiam who is popularly known as Akon has confessed he is a huge fan of Ghanaian young star, Black Sherif.

Akon on BBC Radio could not hold back the love he has as a fan for Black Sherif and showered some massive praises and said positive things about Blacko on live radio. 

Speaking further, Akon revealed Blacko reminds him of his hunger for success and may sign Black Sherif on his record label if there need be.

“This kid is going to be something stupid and if no major picks him up, they need to get to him before I do.”

“I’m a huge fan of Black Sherif, he reminded me of my energy when I first came out, you could literally hear the pain, the struggle, and the challenges in his voice whenever he sings.”

“He is currently the voice of the youth in Africa.”

“ I was in New York City when a friend of mine named Bako from Mali played his song and I was like yo, Who the F was that? Bro, like you, can hear in his voice, like, you can feel the pain, the struggles, you hear the challenges but you can hear a ghetto kid just wanting to get out.” Akon shares his first encounter upon hearing about Blacko for the first time.

So far, Blacko has released back-to-back hits despite being in the music industry for not too long.

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