One of Ghana's veteran actor, Abeiku Nyame who is popularly called Jagger Pee says he regrets being a Ghanaian actor.

 In an interview with, the veteran actor explained that anyone chooses to work as an actor/actress in Ghana has chosen a seedy environment to work in.

The actor disclosed that his revenues generated from the Ghanaian film industry has not been helpful to him and his colleagues.

According to Jagger Pee, he continued acting for the sake of the next generations hoping that he could influence change but things didn't happen as expected.

“Really, if I were to pass away and reincarnate, I would like to be an actor overseas rather than in Ghana." 

"The movie industry is thriving, but not in Ghana. Ghana is a terrible place to pursue acting as a career. You perform for many years, yet the pay is little."

“Even if Ghana’s film business isn’t growing, we’re still slogging through merely to clear the way for our successors in the industry to arrive and perhaps make a change.”

Jagger Pee was imprisoned in 1996 together with his friend Gee Man who was a musician then.

They got imprisoned due to a gunshot incident that happened at the CFC Flats Dome in Accra.

The gunshot incident resulted in the death of a taxi driver.

Jagger Pee spent two years in prison even though he given a life sentence in prison.

He spent half of his prison days on death row after which he was given amnesty.