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I was already a millionaire at age 21 – Cheddar discloses

I was already a millionaire at age 21 – Cheddar discloses


Ghanaian businessman who is the founder and CEO of Petronia City Development Company Limited, No. 1 Oxford Street Hotel, and Wonda World Estates, Nana Kwame Bediako who is well known as Cheddar has disclosed the ways and methods he used to make himself a millionaire at age 21 while leaving in England for educational purposes.

In an interview with one of the UK's millionaires Samuel Leeds, Cheddar also disclosed he set up his company in the trunk of his car while still a student in college.

According to Cheddar, he earned a profit by touting replicas of YSL and Versace clothing.

"I will tell you precisely what occurred when I made my first million pounds at age 21. I was selling knockoff Versace and YSL clothing out of the back of my 205 GTI, which I had purchased for 499 pounds when I was living in England since I had been sent there to attend college."

"I had $6,000 in cash when I left for London. I received 130 pounds from my mother, brothers, and everyone else, which they all said was a lot of money for me, but I was giggling inside my head."

"I purchased a Panasonic chip phone in 1994, which made me feel like the new kid on the block. After that, I met Johnny Prescott, who was selling shirts and pants."

"I only intended to get one pair of pants and one pair of shit, so when I saw the prices 30 and 20 pounds I offered him 20 pounds and 15 pounds in exchange for the shirt, which I then stuffed in the back of my boot and pretended to be selling for 50 pounds."

"As a result, I began to profit from the boot, but because I already knew what business was, I ended up on the streets."

"The business was me from where I was coming at that moment." He concluded. 

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