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Kwaw Kese has about GHS 13,000 in our black box – Interim Chairman Of GHAMRO discloses

Kwaw Kese has about GHS 13,000 in our black box – Interim Chairman Of GHAMRO discloses


After Kwaw Kese's lamentation of not receiving his royalties in the past twenty years, the interim chairman of GHAMRO, Rex Omar in an interview with entertainment journalist, Kwame Dadzie, Mr. Rex disclosed the rapper has about GHS 13,000 in the organization's black box.

According to Mr. Rex, Kwan Kese has failed to update his records despite being called to do so and as a result of that, he has been denied his royalties.

Mr. Rex insisted that if Kwaw Kese updates his records he will be paid all his royalties.

Entertainment journalist took to his Facebook account to give details of his interview with Rex Omar on the issue.

Kwame wrote;

 “I just spoke to Rex Omar, the interim Chairman of GHAMRO on the claim by Kwaw Kese that he has not been paid any royalties since he started music.

According to Rex, Kwaw Kese was a member of the old COSGA but when COSGA was spilt into three CMOs by law, birthing GHAMRO for musicians, Kwaw Kese did not update his records with them.

Rex told me they have called Kwaw umpteenth times to update his records but he has not done that.

He also added that at the moment, Kwaw Kese has about 13,000 cedis sitting in their black box. He only needs to give them his details to get his money.”

Kwaw Kese publicly announced that since commencing his music career, he hasn't received royalties from GHAMRO in the past twenty years.

The rapper revealed this shocking news on his official Twitter account.

According to Kwaw, bloggers, DJs, radio, and Tv stations are paid to promote the music content of artists but nothing profitable is gained at the end of everything.

He captioned his post;

"20 years of doing music in Ghana and never got paid any royalties."

"You rather have to pay DJs to play your music, pay tv to show your videos, bloggers to blog your content and press media to give you press."

"How can you survive this industry by financing all these by urself?"

In addition to Kwaw Kese's complaint of not receiving his royalties as a musician, gospel artist, Nhyira Betty also made complaints of receiving a low amount of money as royalty from GHAMRO after 17 years of her music career, and Edem who is also a rapper lambasted GHAMRO for being a useless entity for musicians in Ghana.

These developments show most musicians in the country have a lot of issues concerning their craft in terms of financial support and assistance.

And this has caused many who have been quiet for a long time to voice out their displeasure.

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