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Pentecost is bigger than you and it doesn't need your money – Maurice Ampaw to Criss Waddle

Pentecost is bigger than you and it doesn't need your money – Maurice Ampaw to Criss Waddle

Ghanaian lawyer and lecturer, Maurice Ampaw has attacked rapper Criss Waddle for saying he will rather watch curvy girls at a strip club with his money than to help the Church of Pentecost.

Not only did he attack the rapper of his statement he posted on Snapchat but also questioned the source of his money.

“Little boy like you, where were you and your mother when Pentecost was being funded?”

"The church is not a place where people beg. What Pentecost has done for Ghana in the remote rural regions is that when COVID-19 started, the church gave the country free access to its facilities. Richer guys can be found at Pentecost."

“Are you included when we discuss the wealthy in our nation?” What source of income do you have? Are you wealthier than Zoomlion’s leader?"  He angrily asked

“Pentecost is greater than you, and it doesn’t need your money.”

 Criss Waddle earlier revealed how he and his mom were treated badly by Tema 5 Church of Pentecost fourteen years ago.

He shared this sercet on his Snapchat account.

According Criss, fourteen years ago, he and his mother had no where to sleep so decided to seek help from the church but things didn't go as expected.

This is the community 5 Pentecost church that told my mum and me that rooms available are for senior pastors so we should sleep at the school park till morning, maybe we will find help 2 rooms Dey empty but e be for senior pastors when there is a Convention, He posted.

"Today I fit break down this church then rebuild am with 30plus rooms, but I no go do, I go rather go strip club go watch curvy women, built a mosque 14 years and the prayers from those Muslims has always been enough for me, go ask Alhaji Tanko."  He added.

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