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We will never split as a group – DopeNation

We will never split as a group – DopeNation

Ghanaian musical duo of identical twin brothers, B2 and Twist are called group by the name DopeNation.

On December 22,2022, during an interview with Ghanaweb at Black Sherif's 'Mozama Disco' concert, they disclosed they (DopeNation) will not stop performing together as a group.

However, most music groups have been separated apart for various reasons. Groups like PSquare, La Meme Gang, One Direction, and many others have all gone their separate ways after thrilling their fans with back-to-back hits.

According to DopeNation, they have learned a lot from musical groups who spilt along the line and have made a decision not to break up as a group.

“The fact that we work in the industry as twins Why can’t we share an industry when we’ve previously shared a womb? We are learning from everyone, and as you mentioned, PSquare broke up and then reformed." DopeNation said.

"These artists are incredible. People began to worry about the group when they split up, which led to their reunion. 

“We’ve also learned from it as artists,” They added.

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