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Bloggers only post me when I show my body - Efia Odo

Bloggers only post me when I show my body - Efia Odo


Internet sensation and Ghanaian actress Andrea Owusu (Efia Odo) who is known for dressing almost naked says most bloggers only post her on their platforms when she decides to show parts of her body. 

Speaking on GTV’s Breakfast Show, she explained that dressing almost naked is not to make her famous but to suit where she is heading towards during the day.

“I don’t wake up and say today I want to be controversial or I want to show my skin. It’s just who I am. It depends on where I’m going.”

“When I’m going for an interview, my nipple is not out there uncovered but if I’m going to a club or a beach event, I’m going to show some skin.” 

“Most of the time bloggers don’t post when I’m covered. They like to post when I’m showing my body because that’s what is going to make their sites trend.” 

The actress cum musician says she is not worried about what Ghanaians say about her because it does not affect her decision making.

“There is a new chapter in my life which is my musical journey.” 

On January 1, 2023 Efia Odo released her first single ‘Getting the bag’.

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