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Fan bases are killing the music industry – Knii Lante

Fan bases are killing the music industry – Knii Lante


Ghanaian medical doctor and reggae singer, Nii Lante Okunka Blankson who is well known as Knii Lante has shared his displeasure about the divisions among fan bases.

According to the singer, these divisions are gradually destroying the Ghanaian music business instead of contributing to it growth.

Speaking on Asaase Radio, the singer said through personal observations, the fans of a musicians do not want to see their other musicians flourishing. And if care is not taken, the music industry will lag behind in terms of unity. 

“I just went to Twitter to thank Sarkodie for including Chale and us Ghana. The response was extreme, and it sparked a huge discussion. I mean, a bunch of people would show up and say they hadn’t seen what Sarkodie had done, and then someone else would add their two cents.”

“I don’t know how these splits into groups of fans and nationalities are benefiting us since we have taken it so seriously that supporters of Artiste A will not be tolerant to listen to Artiste B, and vice versa.”

“With this thing, we’re doing, we’re eliminating our appeal to the global music business.”

“Entertainment experts and other gatekeepers of the music industry should promote unity instead of allowing artists against each other.” 

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