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No artist owes his/her colleague a collaboration – Bullgod

No artist owes his/her colleague a collaboration – Bullgod


Talent manager Bullgod, says artists are not required to reply to messages directed to them. 

According to him, artists have the freedom to ignore features if the song doesn’t meet their required standards.

“This is a touchy topic, but let me say this; Nobody owes anybody anything.” 

“We must understand that nothing, whether a reaction or a partnership, is ever permanent.” Bullgod said on UTV’s United Showbiz.

In response to Samini’s reaction that Sarkodie intentionally rejected his request for a feature he said;

“Artists that want to collaborate with others are being pushed by him to formally submit their requests. And major collaborations were accepted out of love.

Bullgod also told artists who have criticized that they are “unnecessarily being unfair to Sarkodie.”

“Due to the blue tick difficulties, occasionally I forget to reply, even after opening the mail after two weeks. I don’t know why some people may take this personally, but I believe we are being unjust to Sarkodie by doing this.”

“You write to an artist and explain the nature of the assignment when you wish to collaborate with them.” He advised.

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