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Wode Maya’s advice has changed my life – Dr. Likee discloses

Wode Maya’s advice has changed my life – Dr. Likee discloses


Ghanaian comic actor, Dr. Likee has revealed one of Ghana’s renowned YouTuber, Wode Maya advised him to start his YouTube channel.

Dr. Likee was first known as the villain in most Kumerican movies. Since the Ghanaian movie industry became dormant, the actor took to YouTube to produce comedy skits in the Ghanaian local language featuring other Kumerican actors and actresses.

Speaking on the Delay show,  the actor, narrated that he was into taking hard narcotics before becoming an actor. Throwing more light on his life struggles, he also narrated he lost every money he invested into Galamsey this made life became more terrible for him.

Speaking in the Twi language he said;

“When I was affluent, I bought a plane ticket for a buddy named Louis to fly to China.” 

“I jumped in to help since he had a visa but didn’t have money for the airfare.” He had a trip planned for me to China. I was bankrupt by the time he returned.”

“After disobeying Wode Maya’s advice, he created a YouTube account for me.”

Explaining why he disregarded Wode Maya’s advice he said;

“I didn’t know anything about it and assumed the procedure would be lengthy.” 

“When I got back to Ghana, Polino also mentioned YouTube.”

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