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Christianity is not only practiced through preaching - Osebo

Christianity is not only practiced through preaching - Osebo


Ghanaian businessman and fashionista, Osebo The Zaraman has shared his opinion on some things most Christians have been brainwashed with when it comes to practicing Christianity.

In an interview with one of Ghana’s paparazzi and bloggers Nkonkonsa, Osebo stated that a lot of Christians have become victims to the deeds of fake men of God for ignoring what the word of God has instructed.

According to the fashionista, Christians ought to worship God in truth in order to discover mysteries surrounding Christianity. 

“If apple can cure sicknesses, then there will be no sick person in Italy. People fetch River Jordan and bring it to Ghana. If it really heals sicknesses, people over there wouldn’t be sick.”

“In Africa, Christianity is our first priority. Christianity cannot be practiced through preaching only. You have prove it by your deeds. We have been deceived into believing certain things.”

“I donate every Saturday, I don’t visit the Atwea Mountains or Achimota Forest to pray, I don’t fast because God listens to your prayers no matter the location and the fastest way God listens to our prayers is through giving, it is not through cheap talk." 

“Faith and work move together. Apostle Paul said it in the Bible. What is your faith? Is your faith about storming the church with canes to lash the devil? Is it by stepping in churches disrespectfully while requesting things from God? We don’t understand Christianity as a people." 

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