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Depression is not a bad thing - Majid Michel

Depression is not a bad thing - Majid Michel


One of Ghanaians’ favorite actors, Majid Michel has urged anyone experiencing depression to take it easy on themselves because that is not end of the world for them.

In the actor’s plea, he advised depressed victims to take life one step at a time because facing problems are part of life.

And there is no way problems will fade from this earth. Some problems get resolved instantly while other take a long time to sail through them. 

Majid reminds the public, humans will face problems till death takes away their life.

Speaking on TV XYZ, Majid warned pastors who make money from people facing problems should put an end to their actions.

“Pastors should stop telling their congregations that their troubles are over. That’s a lie, your trouble will only be over when you die".

"Depression is not a bad thing, depression is your inner spirit indicating to yourself, your conscious mind that where we are is not all that good, let’s move on."

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