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I chose to study home economics in SHS because I was lazy – MzVee

 I chose to study home economics in SHS because I was lazy – MzVee

Ghanaian songstress MzVee has disclosed why she chose to study home economics in Senior High School (SHS).

According to the singer, due to her of lackadaisical attitude she opted for home economics because she thought it was an easy course to study.

MzVee was hit by a surprise as she learned it was one of the toughest courses to study when she gained admission into St. Mary’s SHS because it consumed a lot time and energy especially when it was always time for practicals.

Sharing her experiences with the course, she narrated that she never had enough time to read her books. From there, she learned that nothing in life is easy to achieve as most people think. Everything is difficult so far as you want to succeed at it.  

In an interview with Joy Prime’s Roselyn Felli, ‘Natural Girl’ hit maker said;

“I picked home economics because I was lazy. I didn’t want to learn. I came to understand that it is one of the toughest things to actually do. Because the practical sessions consumes so much of your time that you barely have time to read your books.”

“It was tough, and that’s where I learned my first lesson. Nothing in life comes easy.”

“I lost interest in the course, but it was too late to for me to make changes, so I managed to put in more effort to graduate from school.”

“From the beginning, I never attempted to study science or anything because I thought it would be too stressful, so I picked home economics but I realized it was a mistake.”

“I didn’t plan pursing music. I literally chanced upon this blessing. I started with a girl’s band, D3. Samira Buhari is the one who formed the girl’s band. She went to St. Mary’s SHS with me.”

“She called me and told me she wanted to form a girl band with me. I said no because my father is Ewe and he finds it difficult understand some of these things, but she managed to convince me to go to the studio.”

“Richie heard my voice, liked it, and that was that. I had no plans on doing music.”

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