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I’m proud to have a partner who understands my job – Majid Michel

I’m proud to have a partner who understands my job – Majid Michel


Ghanaian actor and evangelist, Majid Michel says he is very proud of the wife he married because she accepted the career path he chose.

Per statistics, many people will not marry individuals who find themselves in the filming space. People believe that individuals who are into acting cannot be trusted because they are sometimes assigned explicit roles. And no one likes to share his or partner with another person.

Majid Michel who was interviewed on Hitz FM today, urged people who will be venturing into acting to choose their partners wisely because most marriages of actors and actresses don’t last long.

The actor disclosed some of his friends' marriage couldn’t last because one couldn’t stand getting irritated when their partner was involved in explicit roles on set.

“There have been friends of mine who split up over movies. Despite his wife’s opposition, the man wished to join the sector. Then she left after he ultimately did.”

“I am fortunate to be with a partner who was raised in the movie. She is aware of the processes involved in making movies. She is very knowledgeable in every aspect. She has no issues whatsoever. She reads the scripts in advance and is aware of the acting partner you will use.” Majid praises his wife for understanding and accepting his job.

The actor urged his colleague actors and actresses to choose marriage partners that understand and will accept their job.  

“Partner selection is a crucial decision. It can make or ruin you. The partners are extremely important. In particular, the man.” 

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