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Industry gatekeepers sidelining artists slows down our progress - Jupitar

Industry gatekeepers sidelining artists slows down our progress - Jupitar

One of Ghana’s dancehall artist, Michael Okine who is well known as Jupitar has made some claims about how entertainment gatekeepers keep sidelining artists who put in so much efforts in their work to get to the top.

During an interview session with Ghanaweb’s Abanema Abayaa, Jupiter revealed that most of his works submitted to awards schemes gets rejected.

According to him, these things happen to him because some gatekeepers in the music industry keep pulling him and others back no matter how good their music content is.

And to him, these are main factors that hinders them from experiencing growth in their music career. 

“Occasionally, when I submit my work to our award schemes, it gets rejected. My perspective does not come from last year or two years ago. There is a root to it that goes back to when it first began ten years ago, and you are doing a good job.”

“ There are a few people who are very adamant and no matter how good or excellent you are they don’t care.”

“Even if you play well or you team put something nice together they will sideline you, and this is one of the main things that keeps ruining our music business.” 

“It’s time to establish ourselves very well and step up our game as a globally competitive industry.”

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