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Most musicians have become lazy because of technology - Afriyie

Most musicians have become lazy because of technology - Afriyie


Frank Osei a.k.a Afriyie of defunct music Wutuah, says because of technology musicians have become very lazy.

According to the singer, news musicians no more employ voice coaches to train them because technology has made things easy for them.  

But what surprises him the most is that, after all the good things technology has offered to human, some musicians can’t even write and produce songs of their own.

Speaking to the media, Afriyie said;

“I think technology has made laziness set in so you don’t have people employing voice coaches, voice trainers like most of did in the past. ”

“Technology has made music production more exciting and easy if compared to the past.”

“Right now a lot of musicians don’t have time to sit and write great songs like they did in the past.” 

Using Kizz Daniel’s song ‘Cough’ as a case study, Afriyie highlighted that Kizz used just two key words ‘Odo Yewu’ for his ‘Cough’ song and released it to the public.

“Now they pick two words like ‘Odo Yewu’ and add more beats and once it is released, you get people dancing to it.”

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