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Relationships are sustained by forgiveness and humility – Okyeame Kwame

Relationships are sustained by forgiveness and humility  – Okyeame Kwame


Most people find relationships as the most stressful thing to involve themselves in. And because of this most people avoid courting, dating and marriage.

Ghanaian youth who aspire to get married one day may or not look at to Okyeame Kwame’s marriage for reference since the rapper shares some marriage and relationship tips whenever he gets the opportunity.  

Speaking on 3Fm, the rapper suggested before one chooses a partner, one must look out for a partner who is more dedicated, reliable and trustworthy.

And before that, you should end any relationship with anyone you are not sure of when it comes the things mentioned above even if it a day to your wedding. 

Okyeame Kwame also advised people who intend to get married to ask their partners all the questions concerning finances, number of children, family values, beliefs, etc, before getting married.

“Ask all the difficult marriage-related questions before you get married.”

“Relationships are not places for ego. Ego stops other people from invading your personal space but relationships involves two people and not an individual.”

“To have successful relationships, humility and forgiveness are the keys that will open the doors of happiness in a marriage.”

“An offender will quit doing harmful things if you offer the person a forgiving environment to let go of every wrong.” 

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