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We do not love ourselves as Ghanaians – Jay Foley

We do not love ourselves as Ghanaians – Jay Foley

Radio and television presenter Jay Foley insists Ghanaians no more love anything Ghanaian.

According to the Jay, the ‘eat Ghana, buy Ghana, wear Ghana’ agenda must be rallied to the public once more because Ghanaians have left everything that belongs to the nation.

“We don’t love ourselves and it runs through a lot of things.”

“Once a Ghanaian produces a made in Ghana product, the first thing most people do is to destroy what one has created.”

Jay insists that we are our own enemies and we as a people hate it when systems are working especially those from the public institutions. 

“You go to DVLA they’ve done a great job to make the process fast. But the first thought that comes to ones mind is when their license expires is ‘chale you know somebody for DVLA?’, because we don’t love it when it works things for the Ghanaian.” Jay Foley told George Quaye of Joy FM.

Jay Foley talked about how most Ghanaians have refused to accept Sakodie’s feature on Bob Marley’s ‘Stir It Up’ remix because they dislike the artist and this shows how citizens hate another’s progress. 

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