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Never again - Christiana Awuni vows not to marry

Never again - Christiana Awuni vows not to marry


Ghanaian actress, Christiana Awuni has disclosed she no more has  interest marriage after she realized her husband was a narcissist and that led to the collapsed of her second marriage. 

Speaking in interview, Christiana Awuni explained that her husband’s controlling behaviour was what pushed her to end her marriage because was ‘sick’ and tired.

“My husband was always trying to control my movements, and forcefully driving me to work everyday."

“I can’t anymore. I married for the second time, and that man will me to drive me to my workplace to check what I am doing and who I was talking to me, and will later get me to enter the car and drive me home.” 

 “If I sleep here, that’s where he will sleep.The stress of marriage has made me believe every man I see is now a female friend. If we are friends and you try to propose to me, I will cut you off, and block you instantly."

Talking about staying single she said;

“I have been through so much and I have a locked mind and I will not get marriage anymore. I’m happy with what I have now in terms of peace.” 

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