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Build trust among yourselves - Fuse ODG urges Ghanaian creatives

 Build trust among yourselves - Fuse ODG urges Ghanaian creatives

Ghanaian but UK-based artist Fuse ODG has urged Ghanaian creatives to build trust among themselves in order to create a stronger sector that could compete with the global entertainment space.

According to Fusethe absence of trust among Ghanaian creatives has blocked a lot of networking chances that would have been the industry’s game-changer. 

Fuse has urged Ghanaian creatives to make wise investments in all areas of their craft to gain world recognition just as other creatives else where have done and are reaping the fruits of their investments.

He also urged Ghana artists to put an end to seeking validation because the country has great talents to be getting distracted.

“I always say that we shouldn’t be looking outside for validation, Ghana has too much talent to be getting distracted.”

“There are certain conversations that I feel it’s not necessary, we need to just continue working, just keep our heads down and just keep pushing and keep working, that’s what we need to do as an industry.

Fuse ODG has produced hit songs like Antenna, Azonto, Boa Me, Million Pound Girl, and others.

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