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Creative arts is putting Ghana on the map if compared to football – Dada Hafco

Creative arts is putting Ghana on the map if compared to football – Dada Hafco


Ghanaian highlife musician Dada Hafco believes that the country’s creative industry serves a channel that showcases the potentials the nation possess when it comes to entertainment if compared to sports. 

The singer who is worried about the country’s lazy attitude towards the progress of the arts industry in an interview insisted that if the right resources are channeled into the industry, Ghana would have reached a higher height but all investments have been channeled to sports which is not yielding any the expected result.

“Look at how much money we’ve been pumping into the Black Stars. I am an avid football lover. I would love to watch football every time. But since 1982 if we haven’t won any football trophy why do we keep doing it when in recent times Ghana has become a hub for entertainment every Christmas?” 

“Why are we not channeling enough energy into the arts industry because entertainment is actually putting Ghana on the map more than even football so why are not putting more energy into that?” 

He also suggested that a law of playing more local songs on TV and radio should be passed in order to downgrade foreign songs that has taken over the media space.

He concluded that highlife should be promoted as the face of Ghana’s music even though every artist is free to pursue any genre of their choice.

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