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Such nonsense! – KOD can’t keep mute about Ambolley’s ‘ill’ comment about VGMA

Such nonsense! – KOD can’t keep mute about Ambolley’s ‘ill’ comment about VGMA


Ghanaian broadcaster, Kofi Okyere Darko (KOD) could not keep mute over Highlife veteran Ambolley’s comments against VGMA concerning the current state of highlife.

In Amobolley’s interview with Graphic Showbiz, he shared his disappoints about how the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) board’s decisions are affecting the industry.

Ambolley insisted that the event organizers of VGMA give the loftiest awards to favorite artists of other genres and this has affected opulence of highlife music.

“It is unfortunate that people think when you sing in Twi or Fante over a Dancehall or Reggae beats it automatically makes it Highlife music. That is not true but it has become the norm over the years because these are the kinds of music VGMA rewards.”

“Today, if anyone wants to have an idea of what Ghana represents in terms of music, I bet the person will not count any Highlife artist since all the big artists are currently not doing Highlife.”

“We have buried our own and pursuing Dancehall and Afrobeats music. Interestingly the VGMA has been promoting this agenda by rewarding such artistes with the topmost awards.”

Talking about how the media has refused to fight for what belongs to the country when it comes music he said;

“The media cannot be absolved from what is happening to Highlife music now. They don’t do their own research to ask critical questions. For instance, if an artist plays Reggae beats and sings Twi or Fante, we call it Highlife music which is totally wrong because Highlife has its own beats.”

“The members on the Selection Committee of VGMA should be guilty because they don’t make the right decisions when it comes to selections. So if critics say Highlife music is dying, it means some people are not doing their work well.” 

KOD who is not happy with Ambolley’s statement in a Facebook post insisted that VGMA has been of a great help to the Ghanaian music industry.

The broadcaster in his post told Ambolley to put all blame on radio stations for refusing to promote Highlife music on air. He advised him to stay away from petty talks about the industry because it is below him.

 KOD’s post reads to with the caption: 

Such nonsense! Which awards scheme has projected our music industry like VGMA since independence? How many have projected our musicians beyond GH. How many have consistently done more than 10 years?

Some of our musicians have failed to evolve and quick to blame others for their personal mishaps. When was the last time he released an album? He should be blaming some of the radio stations who don’t even play our music. 

When was the last time or how often do you hear highlife on radio? VGMA cause am? 

People should look at evolving and projecting themselves instead of pointing accusing fingers. 

Ambolley should be bigger than this petty comment and should check how he discredits his fellow industry colleagues too. You’re a true celebrity. Don’t go this path Sir.

As one of our last of our greats left, this is below him.

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