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I urge women to pursue careers in emceeing – Anita Erskine

I urge women to pursue careers in emceeing – Anita Erskine


Ghanaian female event host who is known for hosting high profile local and international events, Anita Erskine, is urging women to venture into emceeing and pursue it as a career.

In an interview with Joy FM’s Kwame Dadzie, Anita disclosed there is a high demand for women MCs because that is what clients prefer these days.

“I urge a lot of women as well to pursue careers in emceeing. There are a lot of clients these days who are looking for women MCs.”

Anita advised MCs who are trying to set a pace in their career to take feed backs while working on their weaknesses. She also warned MCs who are not full humor to avoid telling jokes while performing their duties.

“I think that being humorous is overrated if you don’t know the joke and how it applies to the people in the room. So the first thing I tell people is, please don’t try to over-entertain.” 

“When you start an event, you as an MC has to be in control of yourself in order to take control of the room.” She added.

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