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I’m not gay – Kwabena Kwabena tells naysayers

I’m not gay – Kwabena Kwabena tells naysayers


Highlife singer, Kwabena Kwabena has made some clarifications surrounding his sexuality. 

There are a lot of conspiracies surrounding his lifestyle of late and due to that music lovers have been forced to conclude that the singer is a gay.

In an exclusive interview with Ghanaian blogger, Zionfelix, Kwabena Kwabena explained that;

“Being gay or not being gay is not like an association. Just as you have sexual feelings for women, those who do gay are in a state that they have feelings for men. But I don’t have any feelings for men.”

“Sexuality is a state. It is not something you learn. It is either you are attracted to the same sex or not and there are people who are attracted to the same sex. “

“But I am not in that category. But it doesn’t make me somebody who has a problem with somebody in that state. I have three kids and I had them with women.” 

According to the singer, it is inappropriate to judge he is gay because of how he dresses. 

“There are individuals whose physical appearances look like the opposite sex but when you go into their sexuality, you would be surprised to know they are not what you think they are.” 

Making comments on his costume he wore to the VGMA show he said;

“These days I watch Obuoba JA Adofo , James Brown,  Senior Eddie Donkor, Jimmy Hendrix, and the 70s pop culture and they dress to strike you. It was unfortunate people’s comment on my costume was sexualized.”

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