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Ghanaian dance maestro Van Calebs advocates fusion of Ghanaian dance with Afrobeats

Ghanaian dance maestro Van Calebs advocates fusion of Ghanaian dance with Afrobeats


Renowned Ghanaian choreographer Van Calebs has expressed his belief that any form of Ghanaian music dance should incorporate elements of Afrobeats, drawing parallels with the emergence of the popular "Azonto" dance.

The Afrobeats genre, characterized by the fusion of African indigenous rhythms with international influences, has gained global recognition, dominating music charts worldwide.

Calebs has encouraged Ghanaian music talents to seize this opportunity and develop a unique Ghanaian dance that can be blended with their vision of Afrobeats, thereby propelling it even further.

"The homegrown contemporary dance, 'Azonto,' garnered immense attention from the international community, making Ghana a topic of discussion for a considerable period. Grammy Award-winning artist Wyclef Jean even collaborated on Fuse ODG's Azonto track, which achieved great success. Gasmilla was also invited to perform Azonto on renowned platforms, including the BBC," he remarked.

Calebs expressed disappointment over the gradual decline of Azonto and emphasized the need for sustainability.

"Afrobeats has now permeated the global music scene, with even Ghanaian musicians embracing it. Therefore, why not make it our own by incorporating our distinct dance styles?" he questioned.

Calebs further highlighted the close relationship between Afrobeats and African dance rhythms, making it relatively seamless to integrate indigenous Ghanaian dance elements.

"In almost every Afrobeats song, you can identify certain resemblances to our own music, such as the drum patterns and timing. This familiarity allows Ghanaians to readily connect with and adapt to Afrobeats music. That's what makes it special—it compels you to dance, regardless of language comprehension," he elucidated.

Calebs' insightful perspective seeks to inspire Ghanaian artists to infuse their cultural heritage into Afrobeats, creating a compelling synthesis that showcases the diversity and vibrancy of Ghanaian dance on the global stage.

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