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I would have been a stand-up comedian if I didn’t pursue music – Davido

I would have been a stand-up comedian if I didn’t pursue music – Davido


One of Nigeria’s Afrobeats icon, Davido has disclosed he would have chosen stand-up comedy as a career if he didn’t pursue music. 

According to Davido, he is a very funny person who makes people happy and because of this, he feels choosing comedy will be best.

In a documentary with Tayo Aina, a  Youtuber,  Davido said;

“If I was not doing music, I would have been a stand-up comedian. I’m a funny guy. In school, I was the type to always make people laugh. That transcended into my entertainment, music, and being a people person.

“I know how it feels to not feel good. That bad feeling, I wouldn’t wish it on even my enemy.”

Talking about his life-changing encounter with Don Jazzy he said;

“I blew up when I was 17. I was a baby. My main strong point was that I knew how to engineer. I knew how to make beats. One of my cousins used to work with Mo Hits And Dbanj. They liked my swag.

“Don Jazzy was my mentor. It was amazing. I started hustling and meeting people. From there, I sorted myself out.

“When I go to countries to perform, the Presidency always reaches out. They ask If I want to go For dinner. My fans collated how many countries Davido has performed In. I saw about 75.

"Before I started making music, I had been traveling. You have also to count those. I’ve been traveling even alone and unaccompanied since I was 13. I knew my way around the airport.

“I work too hard. Everyone is sleeping and I’m up recording or mixing. We’re up editing videos. The work is blood, sweat, and tears. For the next five to six years, I need to own it.”

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