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Take it easy on them – Amerado advises Ghanaians on Yvonne Nelson And Sarkodie’s abortion scandal

Take it  easy on them – Amerado advises Ghanaians on Yvonne Nelson And Sarkodie’s abortion scandal

Ghanaian rapper and former signee of Sarkess Music, Amerado has reacted to Yvonne Nelson and Sarkodie’s abortion issue which was mentioned in Yvonne Nelson's 'I Am Not Yvonne Nelson' book.

According to the rapper on Accra FM, Ghanaians should take it easy on the two celebrities because no one is perfect.

Sharing his thoughts on live radio, Amerado said;

“No one on earth would build a house to the top and expect someone to use an excavator to demolish it all at once.” 

“We are all not perfect, and with love and respect, let’s be easy on the issue.” He added.

Reading chapter 8 of 'I am not Yvonne Nelson', it is revealed that Yvonne aborted a pregnancy for Sarkodie way back in 2010 after a short relationship.

According to her, she made the decision to abort her pregnancy after Sarkodie refused to take responsibility.

Parts of chapter 8 read;

"I sensed the intensity of his emotions when I broke the news to him. I could hear his heart pounding, and when he finally found his voice, he faltered. His message was, however, unambiguous. He didn’t want the pregnancy. That would damage him and his career. The only option was to get rid of it."

"Sarkodie was a budding musician with the potential to become one of the biggest artists in Ghana and beyond. At the time, however, the future looked uncertain, and his way through the maze of life still appeared too foggy to predict. Success was not guaranteed. He was still living with his mother and was not ready to carry a burden while he was being carried by his mother."

"I wouldn’t call what had developed between us a serious relationship. I gravitated toward people in the music industry. For the longest time in my life, music was my getaway from all the unpleasant things life threw at me. So, I liked his talent. We started talking and got close."

"The first thing that hit me when he said no to keeping the pregnancy was my own life. I had grown up without a father in my life. I had often been reminded of how I had been borne by mistake."

"I was still wondering if the man whose name I bore was my father. How was I going to bring another being into this world to live like me, someone whose father would reject him or her as Mr. Nelson had rejected me?"

"If there was a way to spare someone else the trauma I was contending with, why would I reject the option, especially when I was psychologically and emotionally prepared to be a mother?"

"I am not Yvonne Nelson”  is an autobiography about Yvonne Nelson where the actress, who is the CEO of YN Productions talks about her challenges growing up and how they have shaped her."

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