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Skits are not threats to stand up comedy - Foster Romanus

Skits are not threats to stand up comedy - Foster Romanus


Ghana’s comedy industry has in recent times seen substantial growth in skits which have garnered a huge appeal bringing a fresh ‘sense of humour’ to the sector.

While this light entertainment may appear to be a positive addition to the comedy scene, there are, however, some rising worries that the popularity of skits could steal viewers away from mainstream comedy events and cause it to eventually lose its steam.

But conventional comedy stakeholders, who would be directly affected by this new revolution in Ghanaian comedy, are unfazed because they believe the humour business cake is big enough to go around.

Sharing his thoughts with Graphic Showbiz in an interview, Comedian Foster Romanus observed that while he fully acknowledges the rise of skit creators and the content they produce, he did not believe their activities would cripple traditional comedy.

In his opinion, the comedy industry is still a distinct space that caters to different audiences, and that skit makers could not in any way ‘poach’ followers of traditional comedy.

“Despite the rise of skit makers, established stand-up comedy will not lose its steam because it has defined patrons who they feed with distinct content. The growing trend of skits on social media is not necessarily a threat to us.”

“It is just a small part of comedy which will not lead to the collapse of mainstream comedy. Comedy shows give you a full package of fun while skits serve bits and pieces of it,” he added.

Source: myjoyonline

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