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Ghana's music industry lacks creativity - DopeNation

Ghana's music industry lacks creativity - DopeNation

Music duo, Dope Nation has shared what most Ghanaian artists find difficult to say. 

According to Dope Nation, there is no creativity in the showbiz industry when it comes to music.

Explaining further, the two said Ghanaian artists take cues from old Ghanaian songs to create something similar instead of creating something new.

In an interview with TV3, the duo said;

"Our fundamentals when it comes to music is copying because when you take our progressions and melodies, they are from old songs. We just bite them and create them into something new."

We can’t say we’re creating something new. It can’t happen because the keys and melodies are just there and have been exhausted; the only thing that can be done is to make them evolve.” They added.

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