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I was forced to shoot skits out of depression - Jeffrey Nortey

I was forced to shoot skits out of depression - Jeffrey Nortey

 I started shooting skits out of depression – Jeffrey Nortey

Content creator, Jeffrey Nortey says he started shooting his skits out of depression.

In an interview with Andy Dosty, the comic actor revealed that he had hopes of becoming a famous actor, but ended up getting depressed when things did not go as he wished.

Ghanaian actor, Jeffery Nortey who has won the hearts of many movie lovers with his skits has made a confession about his acting career.

According to Jeffrey, he was not offered acting roles regularly as expected.

As a result of this, the actor became depressed because he felt he was not making use of his talent.

Jeffery decided to shoot skits after covid-19 hit the country and since then he has been in the limelight because his skits are not boring to watch.

Interview with Andy Dosty, Jeffery Nortey said;

"I started as an actor hoping that I’ll be shooting in movies." 

"But I was not getting gigs and I was depressed. Not because of the money but because the fire in me was burning so I needed to do something."

"During COVID time I decided to write my skits and gather some money. I did a few and people liked it. Money started flowing, exposure started coming and here we are.”

“When I started I didn’t know I was writing comedy skits. I was serious about it. Even with the buttocks skits I was serious about it. Even up to now, I don’t think I am doing something for people to laugh. If you laugh fine if you don’t, that was not the aim.”

Jeffery Nortey has been featured in several movies and TV series and continues to churn out really good content on his social media platforms as well as Youtube.

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