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Let us breathe – Wendy Shay charges at Ghanaians over 02 concert, Grammys

Let us breathe – Wendy Shay charges at Ghanaians over 02 concert, Grammys

 Singer Wendy Shay has spoken out against the prevailing trend in Ghana, where many judge an artiste’s success solely by their ability to fill the O2 Arena and secure a Grammy award.

As the self-proclaimed Queen of Ghana music, she has called upon her fellow countrymen to reconsider this mindset and allow Ghanaian musicians to define and celebrate success on their own terms.

Wendy Shay questioned why filling the O2 Arena and clinching a Grammy award have become the exclusive yardsticks for measuring an artist’s achievements.

In making her point, she has highlighted the examples of iconic musicians such as Bob Marley and 2Pac, who achieved remarkable success and left a lasting impact on the music industry without ever winning a Grammy.

By encouraging a shift in perspective, Wendy Shay aims to foster a more inclusive and diverse understanding of success within the Ghanaian music scene.

She believes that success should be multifaceted and reflect the unique journeys and contributions of Ghanaian artists, rather than being confined to external validations like filling a prestigious venue or receiving a specific award.

Meanwhile, some artistes including Amerado and Fameye have seconded Wendy that the focus is to feed home and fully utilize their talents, not to pull numbers for their concerts. 

Source:  AdomOnline.com


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