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Take it easy on young artists; they are facing a lot of pressure – Sarkodie

Take it easy on young artists; they are facing a lot of pressure – Sarkodie

One of Ghana's celebrated and multi-award-winning rappers, Sarkodie has urged music lovers, bloggers, and entertainment pundits to take it 'slow' on up-and-coming artists when it comes to criticism. 

The self-acclaimed landlord among rappers wrote on his Facebook wall explaining that he had the chance to correct a lot of mistakes behind the scenes when he began his music career.

And he believes these new artists are 'nailing' it when it comes to promoting and grabbing the attention of listeners and viewers in digital and traditional media space. And as a result of this, they will have to correct all their mistakes in their prime time.

“My era coming up , we had time to make our mistakes behind cameras and at least work on our approach to this business (how to speak during interviews, stagecraft, how to deal with this industry in general) still learning but comparing to these young kings coming up, they literally starting right in front of our eyes ( social x traditional media) they have to learn to correct mistakes at their peak. It’s a lot of pressure and sometimes affect their decisions. It’s not easy at all for them . I would urge we take it easy on them and give them a chance.”  Sarkodie wrote on Facebook.

Sarkodie's appeal comes after the majority of bloggers, and entertainment pundits overly criticize artists for something they have less knowledge about. 

In Sarkodie's view, this affects the artist's creativity and confidence and it should cease.

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